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The Company
Working on the principles of innovation and perseverance
Value to my customer is what I strive for...
Manufacturing Facts
Manufacturing process starts from acquirement of right raw materials to end result of perfectly graded polished stones. Equipped with a State-of-art technology, the production unit in Surat is in a position to continuously perk up quality of polished diamond and at the same time ensuring evenness of its supplies.
To have concentrated controlling efforts in production. . .
Grading & Transparency
We educate our customers about our minute grading system on various factors. . .
Due to this we can take full advantage to promote & increase our business through E-Commerce. We manufacture 0.30 cts to 10 cts and above in all Size and colors in Round, Princess, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Square Emerald, Emerald, Square Radiant, Radiant, Heart, Cushion etc.
Global Presence
J. B. Brothers (HK) Ltd.
Hong Kong
J. B. Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a polished distribution center, supplying goods primarily in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.
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J.B. And Brothers Pvt. Ltd.
Tower FC-3011/12, 3rd Floor, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra(East), Mumbai - 400051
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